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What is it?

For over 12 years the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up methodology has been successfully used in over 40,000 mid-sized companies across the world. It is a well respected and globally recognised set of practical tools and techniques designed to quickly identify the business problem, and realign and refocus everyone on the organisations short and long term goals and objectives.  Clients who have successfully implemented the methodology enjoy the benefits of four key outcomes.

  • At least double the rate of the current cash flow.

  • Triple the industry average profitability.

  • Increased company valuation.

  • Happy employees, customers and shareholders.

Who is it for?

Scaling Up works for the leaders of ambitious organisations who recognises the potential for significant growth, as well as the need for external professional support and mentoring to acheive the desired business outcomes.

How does it work in 5 simple steps

1. An initial  short telephone discussion around the business challenges initiated by you.
2. Then you complete a short online assessment around the 4 decisions (People – Strategy – Execution – Cash)
3. We then meet up for an in depth feedback meeting to discuss the assessment and potential solutions
4. Joint decision to engage and introduction to grant funding where applicable
5. Create a growth plan to begin Scaling Up your business focusing on the most urgent issues first.

People Strategy Execution Cash