Having completed your strategic work and determined where you are going, the next decision is for you is to answer is – How are you going to get there?

How well you execute internally determines the amount of profit you retain from every sale and it’snot unusual for an organisation work hard on increasing revenues only to see a drop in profits due to the sloppiness of their execution. Accepting that it is possible to execute badly and still be profitable, a good early indicator of poor execution is when the organisation has to rely on the “heroics” of their people putting in incredible hours to just keep the wheels from falling off.

The key to great execution is sorting out the priorities from the background noise and then focusing on each priority in turn to deliver relentless repeatability. This should also include everyone understanding how their contribution however small, when bundled up with the contribution of everyone in the team and across departments  delivers the great results everyone wants.  Simply by tightening up your execution habits you will significantly reduce the time it takes for everyone to complete their work and dramatically improve gross margins and profitability as you go.

Accepting that Scaling Up an organisation and growing profitability as well as revenue requires great execution, try answering these two simple questions:

  • Do all of your internal processes run smoothly without drama, rework and hassle

  • Are you enjoying industry leading levels of profitability