Why is this important? as you look to Scale Up the business “people issues” often represents the biggest challenges. Your personal loyalties, friendships and egos make these decisions even more difficult when the company has outgrown some of the early leaders.When left unchecked these types of relationship issues drain the emotional and physical energy from everyone connected with the business.

As painful as this is going to be, unless people issues are tackled head on you will have very little time to work on the other aspects of growing the business. So be open and honest with yourself and answer the three tell all questions below to see if you have areas that should be addressed?

  • Are all the stakeholders (leaders, employees, shareholders) happy, engaged & positive about the business and committed towards a common goal

  • Are all your customers happy with you, your offerings and are they willing to recommend you to others

  • Would you rehire all of them, including the customers

Recognising that any changes have to begin at the top and work down through the organisation, below is an automated 15 question leadership assessment taken from Patrick Lencioni book ” The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”. Invest 10 minutes to complete the assessment and receive suggestions on how dysfunctional your team is currently.

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